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About Ayesha

Do you experience difficulties with drugs, alcohol, gambling or other addictions that are negatively impacting your life? Or are you a family member of someone who suffers from an addiction?  I specialise in helping clients overcome addictive behaviours through psychoeducation and counselling support. 

Ayesha Nhem is a compassionate counsellor who is dedicated to her work, with an interest in alcohol addiction, substance use, gambling addiction, trauma and attachment concerns. Ayesha’s focus is to provide a safe, non-judgemental and caring environment to help individuals and couples overcome life difficulties and concerns.

I welcome your enquires. 

“Through my life experiences and education, I am able empathetically listen to your concerns and create a specialised program to help you live your ideal life. With an eclectic approach to counselling, my program will provide support, instill hope and practical strategies to help you make your ideal life your reality.”