Many people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in the role of a counsellor without having a true understanding of the concept of counselling or what the role of the professional counsellor entails.

There is a big difference between a professional counsellor and a person who uses some counselling skills as part of their role, for example their role as a friend or colleague.

As a  psychotherapist/counsellor, I am trained to be able to use a different range of counselling approaches with my clients in order to explore difficulties, which may be stressful and emotional. My aim is to help my clients to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point. This can enable my clients to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviour, with a goal to enable a change.

  • Psychotherapy is similar to counselling, however, it aims to help the person with their emotions and feelings and to offer tools to help with current and future challenges.
  • Psychotherapy can help with addiction, depression, feeling overwhelmed, low self esteem, relationship difficulties, anxiousness, panic attacks and just facing everyday life and challenges.
  • Counselling is a process that maybe developmental or intervening. I focus on my clients’ goals.
  • Counselling involves both choice and change.
  • Confidentially is paramount to my successful counselling.
  • Counselling services are available either, face to face in my practice, telephone conference or skype, whatever suits you.

As a Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach, I will listen to you in confidence and without judgement