New Book – The Love Connection

The Love Connection

Tracey Rovere

Tracey Rovere (MCouns&Psychth) Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach has many years of experience helping countless people who need direction and guidance navigating through their relationship challenges. Yet, one question has always lingered in her mind, and that is…. what creates a successful and enduring relationship?

Having worked with many couples, Tracey noticed how they struggle with understanding each other through a lack of communication skills. No matter how close couples are, they can feel like they are worlds apart and never perceive that they are truly loved and adored. Sometimes fights happen due to little misunderstandings or, in some cases, it can be infidelity or an affair. On other occasions, neither happen; it is simply because the couple lacks emotional connection, which weakens their intimate connection.

Solving problems when it comes to love is never easy, and that is where Tracey’s book The Love Connection comes in. In these chapters, you will dive into a deeper understanding of what love is, and what it takes to make a relationship work. As you read and complete the exercises within the chapters, you will begin to understand more intimate details about each other and encourage a strong Love Connection. Love is a complex feeling that requires hard work and compromises every step of the way. There are some harsh truths, honesty, and vulnerabilities needed to create the relationship that you desire. Anything kept secret or turned into a lie will only set the steps for failure.

Aspects of the different kinds of connections are explored, ranging from emotional, physical, functional, intimate and sexual. With the turn of every page, you’ll come to learn something new and there are exercises provided to help couples come together and find endless joy, love and fun with each other.

So, take a chance for a more stimulating, sensual, love-filled relationship, that can bring you both a lifetime of fun, joy, and happiness.